Setup IDE for Android Apps Development

Creating apps for Android has been simplified by lots of tools available for free from internet. One of them officially by


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rero by Cytron

Today, I would like to draw your attention to the latest buzz in Malaysia’s educational robotic industry – rero, which stands for reconfigurable robot. rero is a robot construction kit at a whole new level, featuring easy-to-use hardware design and programming tool. It is designed and manufactured by Cytron Technologies. rero official website here: minion wall paper-s Continue reading “rero by Cytron” »

DIY Modified Zeniick Clock I previously purchased 2 Zeniick watches from KickStarter. Click on the link above for more information about Zeniick watch. The received items:Zeniick Watch, Black and White Continue reading “DIY Modified Zeniick Clock” »

DIY Charger Keypad Repair

Recently the keypad on my multi-functional charger do not function correctly. Some press do not return any respond. Few attempt to repair the button cause the ribbon connecting the button to the circuit to tear up, and now it doesn't function at all. The tear up part. Continue reading “DIY Charger Keypad Repair” »

Editing Theme

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DIY LED Lamp for Small Aquarium

I am going to share on how I DIY a small LED lamp for my Marimo aquarium. It is basically a very small lamp, using 6 x white LED, USB powered, not a superbright lamp, but its bright enough for my Marimo tank. The finished DIY LED Lamp on my Marimo tank:

DIY LED lamp for Marimo tank

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Very Special Winsor McCay’ Little Nemo Google Doodle

Today, this special Google Doodle caught my eyes, its something like a comic/story with some animation.

Winsor McCay Google Doodle

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A Day Made of Glass by Corning

These are videos made by Corning to demonstrate the possibility of glass touch screen display usage in the near future. Very interesting video.

Some Trick to Try out on Windows

These is share by a friend on facebook. Some of them are quite interesting:

Things that MICROSOFT Could not Explain!

Found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the Computer which can be named as "CON". This is something funny and inexplicable? At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this happened! TRY IT NOW, IT WILL NOT CREATE A "CON" FOLDER

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1.) Open an empty notepad file
2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes)
3.) Save it as whatever you want.
4.) Close it, and re-open it.
Noticed the weird bug? No one can explain!

Again this is something funny and can't be explained?
At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened!
It was discovered by a Brazilian. Try it out yourself?
Open Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99)
And then press ENTER And see the magic?..!

Magic #4
Did you know that a flight number from one of the planes that hit one of the two WTC towers on 9/11 was Q33N. In Notepad / WordPad or MS Word, type that flight number i.e Q33N. Increase the font size to 72. Change the font to Wingdings. ..... u will be amazed by the findings!!!

Have a try!

Google Let it Snow

Click on the link above to visit Google homepage and type in “let it snow”.


Press enter key or click the search button. And you should see the search result page start snowing. It is something similar to the “do a barrel roll” that the google search result page will actually do a barrel roll, if you search for those words (do a barrel roll).

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