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Yes I am Precious

“YES I AM PRECIOUS” is a money raising program under LIVESTRONG where Precious (the bike) and Janeen (the rider) ride across America and publish all their status like rainy days, dog chased, roadkills, and...


Google Instant Search

Google had include a very nice feature in its popular Google Search Engine – Google Instant Search. From the name, it means that you can instantly search on Google while you are typing! The...


Windows 7 Taskbar Shortcut Key

Just found a nice page: where you can find lots of tips and tricks for Windows 7, and one of them looks very interesting. I believe most of the Windows 7 user do...


Supercapacitor USB Light

For those who never heard about supercapacitor, you can check for more info about supercapacitor here. Supercapacitor is basically a capacitor with very high capacity, and the capacity rating is normally around few Farads....

X-Combat Moment of Glory 5

X-Combat Moment of Glory

X-Combat had won the first place for the MMU RCW 2010! Below are some videos during the competition: RCW 2010 Friendly Match  


X-Combat Back in Action (RCW 2010)

For those who never heard of Combat Robot or Robot Wars, Combat Robot is basically a competition where Robot are made to fight each other, and the one that successfully destroy the opponent will...


Get the gender of your PC

Received a step-by-step guide from a friend, about how to find out the gender of your PC. It is quite interesting, and I decide to share it here, and hope you can have atry....