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Change Window 7 Logon Screen

Today, I am going to show you how to change the Window 7 Logon Screen. The default Window 7 Logon Screen (I can’t get the print screen of my Logon Screen, I get this...

Android on Iphone? 0

Android on Iphone?

I would say that there is a lot of comparison, between Android and Iphone, and a lot of points saying Android is better, or Iphone is better, bla bla bla.. But how about Android...


Adjustable Soldering Iron

Recently my old soldering gun spoiled. I open the casing and try to repair, but I think the problem is the heating element, which is not repairable.



EasyReminder, a free software that allow you to easily set reminder in your PC. If you face your computer most of the time, this software is suitable as a multipurpose reminder for you. You...

How to Easily Destroy Well of Life in DotA 0

How to Easily Destroy Well of Life in DotA

This video shows you how to easily destroy Well of Life in DotA. Please watch the video for the full detail. Have a try and give comments!