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Found a nice website,, where you can create your own Digital Handwriting. On that website, you create your own handwriting, digitally “type” your handwriting and send the handwriting to your friend. The recipient will going to receive an image that contain the text using your own handwriting. That’s cool..


To understand about how it works, you can view the video shown on the website, or you can view the video here.

Basically the steps are simple, after you create your account (free), print out the template.


Now, write in your handwriting to the printout template.


After you complete filling the template, you need to upload the template to that website. You can use scanner, webcam or digital camera to capture the template and let the website process the template. I use digital camera to capture the template and upload the JPEG file.




It will process all the character and you can edit your own handwriting, if there is any character that you want to modify, simply click on that character and do the modification.


Finally, click save, and give a name to the handwriting you’ve just create. Now you can start “typing” your own handwriting.


Click “send by email” after you complete your message and the recipient will receive an email from pilothandwriting with the text in your handwriting.


Have a try!

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6 Responses

  1. yoyo says:

    Have you tried? wonder is it working..

  2. admin says:

    I tried, and it works. The steps are simple, only print out the template, write your own handwriting, and scan the completed template. Then you can have your own digital handwriting.

  3. B.MOHAN says:

    Fantastic – thrilling

  4. B.MOHAN says:

    Wonderful – very very interesting and innovative

  5. B.MOHAN says:

    it is useful one

  6. Dan says:

    Too bad the site does not exist anymore….

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