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Recently Google allow user to add a background image to the Google homepage. Visit, and you should see a “Change background image” at the bottom left of the google homepage.


If you click the “Change background image”, it will jump to a page that require you to log in to your google account. You will need to Sign in to your Google account to add a background image to your Google homepage.


After you Sign in to your Google account, you will see a image browser, where you can choose image from your computer, your Picase Web photos, Public gallery or Editor’s picks.


Click on the image you prefer, and click Select at the bottom of the image browser.


Now the selected image will be use as the background image for your Google homepage.


For your information, this background image is saved under your google account. So, you will always have the selected background image even if you are using different PC, as long as you are Sign in to your Google account. And this backgroud image is not available under iGoogle homepage, its only for Google classic homepage.

Different account with different background image.


Try yours!

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    […] I think most of you know that you can change the background image for your google homepage. for more information about that, you can refer to […]

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