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  1. Tor says:

    Working in primary School, we don’t get to change settings or install programs on class room computers.
    We have the Webcam Viewer installed.
    PLEASE add the following feature: Rotate camera view 180 degrees.

    Several of Our capture cameras are on a foot With stand.
    We don’t get Access to Control panel or settings. So, if we could rotate image 180 degrees in the program, we don’t have to fight left or right side of the foot stand.

  2. William Vancura says:

    Your Webcam Viewer 3. beta does not work on the TOSHIBA L355-S7812 (about 7 years old) Chicony webcam. The error reported is “This resolution does not support hardware snapshot”. None of the Chicony usb2 formats are accepted. It would be nice if the program would run without requiring snapshot. This computer was upgraded to Win-10 very recently and performs well. An external, much newer, usb webcam works well.
    Thanks, Bill

  3. Gary Beene says:

    I would like to request getting a copy of the source code for your V1.0 webcam viewer. Is that possible? I had some C# folks write me some code but it was very bloated and I’d really like to understand how you were able to write such a small app. I don’t need the later version. Just the V1.0 would meet my needs just fine.

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