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X-Combat Back in Action (RCW 2010)

For those who never heard of Combat Robot or Robot Wars, Combat Robot is basically a competition where Robot are made to fight each other, and the one that successfully destroy the opponent will...


Get the gender of your PC

Received a step-by-step guide from a friend, about how to find out the gender of your PC. It is quite interesting, and I decide to share it here, and hope you can have atry....

Iphone 4 film/movie – Apple of My Eye 0

Iphone 4 film/movie – Apple of My Eye

Recently Apple launch Iphone 4, and one thing that Iphone 4 did great is the HD video recording with its 5MP camera. It also comes with the movie editing software, iMovie, which is well...

Google TV 1

Google TV

This idea of Google TV is really impressing. For me, combining the TV and internet is a great way to enhance the TV in living room. In fact, people had started to put a...


Google Background Image

Recently Google allow user to add a background image to the Google homepage. Visit www.google.com, and you should see a “Change background image” at the bottom left of the google homepage.

Build a Homopolar AA Battery Motor 0

Build a Homopolar AA Battery Motor

I saw some videos on how to build simple Homopolar Motor, and decide to build mine. It actually require only very simple component, Neodymium Magnet, AA battery, and single core wire. Please watch the...