WebcamViewer – View your webcam on Window 7

If you ever use Window XP + Webcam, you probably know that you can view the webcam under My Computer, without any application or webcam software.



Unfortunately, under Window Vista and Window 7, this feature has been removed, and if you want to have a view on your webcam, you will need a webcam software. Therefore I decide to develop a very simple webcam software called WebcamViewer that enable you to have a view on your webcam. You can download the software from the link at the bottom of this post.

image WebcamViewer is a very simple click-and-run application, where you don’t have to install the application. Simply download the exe file and run the exe file to use the software. You can store it inside your harddisk or you can carry it in your pendrive, and run it on any PC you want.

The Interface is simple, the first thing you have to do is to choose your Webcam. At the top left of the interface, choose the appropriate webcam. Please take note that some user might experience having “Google Camera Adapter” under the list, which is not the real webcam, choose the correct one.


After choosing the webcam, you will need to choose the desire resolution and refresh rate for the webcam. Click on the list at the right side of the webcam selector to view the available resolution and refresh rate for the selected webcam. For example “640×480 30” means that the width of the image is 640 pixel, the height of the image is 480 pixel and the refresh rate of the image is 30 frame per second. Please take note that the available resolution and refresh rate will be different for different model of webcam.


Now, click Connect, and you should have the live video from your webcam.

www.bustatech.com006 To disconnect, simply click Disconnect button or you can click the X at the top right of the window to close the application. To capture an image from your webcam, you can simply double click on the image, and the captured image will be store at the same directory as the exe file. A folder with the name of the webcam (Integrated Webcam in my PC) will be created at the directory of the exe file.image All the captured image will be stored in the “Integrated Webcam” folder, and the filename will be the date and time of the capture.image You can also use WebcamViewer to view more than one webcam at the same time. Simply run 2 copy of WebcamViewer (after having WebcamViewer running, simply double-click on the WebcamViewer.exe file AGAIN to have the 2nd copy of the application), and connect to different webcam on each copy of WebcamViewer.

www.bustatech.com009 Have a try!


Application Error

If you ever come across with this problem, “The Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.”, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework to continue using this software. You can download Microsoft .NET Framework at the download link provided at the end of this article.


System Requirement

Supported Operating System: Window XP, Window Vista and Window 7

Required Software: Microsoft .NET Framework




Microsoft .NET Framework


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247 Responses

  1. jmw says:

    This is really handy, it solves a problem with some microscopes in our lab. Would you consider publishing the source under an open license like GPL, BSD?

  2. andyb says:

    Just what I was looking for. Win7 is pants, I’ve been round and round it trying to view my webcam with no result.

  3. Ankur says:

    Awesome , …!! thank u very much ,..!! if u have any other more new such type thing so plz share it . and plz mail to me ..!!
    thank again..!!!

  4. Tariq Rizvi says:

    Show error, “Can not connect device. The device may be already in use”. I am using HP 6730b notebook ni which webcam is builtin. What should I do?

    • admin says:

      Make sure that you are not using other software to open the device at the same time.

    • perc says:

      Hi Tariq, I’m getting the same response. My Skype worked up until about a month ago. Have you found a solution since October?
      Thank you for any help,

  5. baubi says:

    where saved my captured photo i dont find plz help me

  6. Jan says:

    Great little ap.
    However, I cannot capture pictures.
    The picture folder was created but I get the error: “Unable to create file.”

    • admin says:

      I think you have place the application under some protected folder. You can try to run the apps by right click on the apps and choose “Run as administrator” or you can try to move the application to non protected folder like My Documents or Drive D maybe.

  7. Jan says:

    Unable to create file.
    I’ve tried running it in c:/, and My Documents, and a folder I created under c:/. and I get the same error. “Unable to create file”.
    All locations have full rights for system, admin and user”me”. No other users are registered.
    The “USB PC Camera” folder is created at each location so I don’t think it’s a rights issue. But the captures are not saved. “Unable to create file”
    Running the exe “as administrator” doesn’t help.
    I am running Vista Home Premium SP2. I have Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP 1 installed.
    I’d be happy to help diagnose this issue. I believe other people have had the same problem.
    I appreciate your help.

  8. Joe DB says:

    Thank You!

    This was exactly what I’ve looked for! Just to debug the signal path!

  9. jfkelley says:

    Nice little app.

    Unfortunately, it does not recognize my iWebCamera

    When I bring up Skype, it DOES show “drawtwerk’s iWebcamera” along with the integrated web cam in the combo box.

  10. jfkelley says:

    My use case:
    I’m presenting in a web conference. I only have sketches on paper or a whiteboard. I COULD snap them with my iPhone and upload to my computer, one at a time, but how cool it would be to just point my iPhone to the sketch as I’m changing it and display that on my desktop with your neat little tool (in full resolution) and share my desktop on the web conference!

    Now (once you fix this issue) all I need is a little travel “tripod” for my iPhone! ; – )

  11. Aman Khan says:

    VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS 🙂

  12. jfkelley says:

    Hey admin,
    Any response to my comment about failure to recognize my iWebCamera iphone app?

    Skype recognizes it just fine (but I cannot figure out how to get the Skype video tester window to go full screen / full resolution).

  13. Mark Crowley says:

    Just want to say thank you for the posting (and exe) this has saved hassle trying to get some software from so called professional manufactures to work – gonna share this link with so many friends! cheers

  14. xcript says:

    Thanks muchly! Works well.

  15. Sigurdur says:

    Neat, thanks a lot! I needed some webcam app that I could keep small somewhere on my monitor. If you are looking for features to add then “keep the window always on top” option would be useful.

  16. sabeshan says:


  17. Fabi says:


  18. Hako says:

    Very good soft, but the same problem here, “Unable to create file” author please solve the problem

    • admin says:

      That is common problem when the application is located under the folder that required administrator right to create file. You can either place the application at other folder that do not require administrator right or run the application as administrator.

  19. jamspangle says:

    exactly what i was after – worked first time – thanks!

  20. We use a laptop and a beamer in church to display the lirics. Today we had a group of children performing, but de people in the back couldn’t see the children. A wanted to use the webcam and the beamer so everybody could see the children, but in Windows 7 there’s no program for the cam. Thank you so much for making this program. Next time we can use the cam!

  21. cluetrain says:

    Thanks this is a nice portable viewer and good troubleshooting tool. I’m surprised by the number of people that expect you to personally support it and solve all their problems as if your time has no value, yet you are still nice enough to answer quite a few questions. I liked the one that wanted you to “e-mail it to me” when there’s already a download link. Not to mention someone wants you to give them the source code. I hope you get quite a few donations, it’s certainly worth it.

  22. Steve M says:

    Absolutely excellent. Been trying to get my USB microscope working ever since I switched to Windows 7 and this has fixed the problem in seconds.
    A brilliant program
    Thank you :o)

  23. Diego says:

    Great piece of software, thank you.
    Is there any way to
    a) Maintain webcam window over all other windows
    b) Show only the webcam image, not the window frame or the controls of the WebcaViewer
    It would be perfect for doing screencast…

  24. Erik says:

    Loveley! Thanks a million!


  25. Here ( user is telling about the same kind of initialization error in Windows Vista with his WEbcam. Is this issue related to the same mentioned in this blog?

  26. Edison says:

    Great application!
    I just was looking something to use with a meade webcam on my telescope.

  27. Stephan says:

    Useful software, but uses way too much memory.
    Do you create a new bitmap object for every frame?

  28. Deano says:

    Any way to add sound from camera mic with this ?

  29. Paul Palmer says:

    Can you provide a version without no frame? I need to simply show the cam.

  30. asdf says:

    Brilliant! Well done and thank you!

    Always on top option would be grand 🙂

  31. joe bob says:

    So awesome.

    Exactly what i was looking for.


  32. Roger says:

    Great job!!! It is just what i need. Thanks

  33. mark says:

    can you do this for android, this might sound daft but there seems no way of actually just viewing your own webcam in android, in fact android tablets dont even recognise a usb webcam please help

  34. bogdan says:

    Apparently i’m having the same problem. Folder is created, but ‘unable to create file’ is displayed whenever i double-click on the video. Using win7 x64. On all the x86’s i have tried it, it works flawlessly.

    • admin says:

      Try to check the directory you store the application. In some directory, the application will requires administration right to create file. You can try to run the application with administration right, right click on the application and choose “Run as Administration”.

  35. Me says:

    Thank you.

  36. Solar says:


    Big big thanks for your job. SImple, light, efficient !

  37. Robin Siebler says:

    There is an even -easier- way to verify your web camera is working – Launch Paint and select ‘From Scanner or Camera’.

  38. norbert payne says:

    just visiting your page, got a avg warning about some infected php code on the site,,,, a pity on a page that offers a useful tool like yours…
    AVG identifies it as an exploit of your wordpress installation, unfortunately I closed the warning popop and it was not logged, so I cannot give you the name of the infected php file…

  39. Luis Rocabado says:

    Muchas gracias amigo es lo que buscaba ¡¡¡

  40. Shreela Sen says:

    Thanks, really!
    Though I really do not understand why Windows 7 should not have the useful features of XP ….

  41. NEV says:

    Great simple program! Would be perfect if a full screen feature was in it

    Thank you!

  42. Hey man great application. Im a videographer and just wanted to monitor my camera via a usb capture device. This works great so far. Just want to thank you for your time in building this and offering it for free. Thanks man. If you are ever in sacramento, ca i owe you a beer!!!

  43. Mandy says:

    I love that you did this…BIG THANKS XOX…made my day.

  44. alumoxide says:

    Great app! Thank you so much!
    Greetings from Greece

  45. Julian Luna says:


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