Webcam Viewer

Webcam Viewer


Change Log :

150712 Version 3.1 beta 2
– Changed setting to flyout
– Added open folder
– Added borderless mode
– Fixed camera not closed when exit without stop

150625 Version 3.0 beta 1
– Resizable Window
– New Style
– Added keep on top
– Added fullscreen
– Added store and load previous camera and resolution
– Thin border


– Windows 7,8,8.1
– .net 4.5



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Previous Versions

Version 2.2

Version 1.0


91 Responses

  1. steve says:

    can’t get version .31 to run. I’m on windows 7. at first I get the spinning wheel then nothing. any suggestions?

  2. Michael says:

    I am loving this nice simple app. Is there a list someplace if what the various are? I have my setting file set up the way I want things, but would like to add an auto start feature for the camera.

  3. fan says:

    Hi, great software! I have been fan since v1
    V3 seems to fix almost everything and it looks very nice, however, I can’t connect to webcam on any reslution using Logitech Pro C920, works fine on v1 and v2.
    Error: This resoltion does not support hardware snapshot, click OK does not connect, click cancel does not connect.
    I really want ot try out new version, especially borderless mode!

  4. Oliver says:

    Webcam Viewer is excatly what I need. However, the newer versions up to v3.1 beta2 just show “Warning: this Resolution does not support hardware snapshot” when I press START. No image is shown. The resolutions offered are 640×480 and 1024×768, neither of which work.

    The Webcam is “SMART Document Camera 450”. It used to work with Webcam Viewer 1.0, but I’d like to move away from that version as it requires an old .NET Framework version that is no longer in the standard installation of Windows 10.

    How can I find out, what the problem is?

    Thank you for your help!

  5. Mike says:

    Ok, I downloaded the 3.1 beta because it has the ability to save the configurations. My issue is that when try to view my Philips SPC 900NC webcam at any of the resolution options, I get a warning that says…

    “This resolution does not support hardware snapshot.” Neither the OK nor the Cancel button cause the image to be displayed.

  6. Peter Wonnacott says:

    Excellent software, just downloaded the latest version update, but will not save snapshots anywhere, also, when stopped, the audio still continues to remain active!

  7. Jeremy Rowe says:

    I have Logitech C210 webcam. This is on a Windows 10 system.
    I am operating at the native resolution of 640/480/30
    The viewer 1.0 version works fine, including capturing images.
    However the 2.2 version crashes when I try to Start the camera
    And the 3.0b2 version warns “This resolution does not support hardware snapshot” and then nothing is displayed.

    Any help appreciated here.

  8. gesders says:

    just what i was looking for – great!

  9. Mike says:

    I’ve been trying to diagnose my webcam, its acting funny. It works in your version 1.0, but in V2 and V3 the webcam does not show up at all. Is there a difference how you interface with webcam between V1.0 and later versions?

  10. Charles Cooper says:

    Hi there I’ve been playing around with your WebCam viewers, pretty impressive. Thank you for putting it together.

    I had trouble with the Version 3 (screen sizes didn’t seem to change, and every selection I made said “this resolution does not support hardware snapshot”) so I concentrated on Version 2. I have a Logitech WebCam390e, which is one of the supported cameras.

    Using this version the highest resolution I can get is 1280 x 720. If I switch to either of the two higher resolutions the screen actually gets smaller. 1600 x 896 is the same physical size as the 480 x 270 selection, and the 1920 x 1080 is the same physical size as 640 x 360.

    Do you have any plans to update/or fix version 2 so that the highest resolution sizes work?

  11. Nobody Special says:

    I am using a AverVision U15 USB document/web camera which works well when using Webcam Viewer versions 1 and 2. Webcam Viewer 3.1 beta2 returns the message “Warning – This resolution does not support hardware snapshot”. About a dozen different resolutions are selectable but all return this same error message. No camera image is ever displayed.

  12. Voided says:

    Hello, I have a question.
    Is it possible to make the app remember its size and position?
    It would be great just to turn the app, and automatically have the webcam running on the side of the screen, with size and webcam selected.
    Thank you very much for making such a wonderful app!

  13. Nessi says:

    Little feedback from a fellow software developer 😉

    Environment: Win7 x64, logged in as admin, LogiTech HD WebCam C615

    Version 3.1b2:
    No matter which resolution I choose, the message is always “This resolution does not support hardware snapshots”

    Version 2.2:
    Resolution 1920×1080 produces message: Resolution higher than your screen resolution.
    I have 4 monitors connected, all having 1920×1200, so there seems to be a calculation problem.

    Version 1.0:
    works just fine 🙂

  14. Hi

    Version 3.5

    – Resolution is ok
    – Fullscreen is ok

    But when press START the CPU Power go to 45%? not ok!

    only Version V1.0 is ok!

  15. Info to Version V3.5
    – Time Delay 0.5s not ok!

    Version V1.0 is ok

  16. John Snell says:

    Unfortunately, I agree with others that version 1.0 is superior to all of your other iterations of this interesting piece of software. My compliments to you for your efforts at “simplifying” the ability to have a webcam image up and running on a computer screen. I went right to version 3.5 after trying out version 1.0 – I’ve not tried anything in between. Size and position are not remembered from one usage to the next. I would also like the current window to automatically re-size to the resolution I might choose at any given moment – user resizable windows are nice, but it’s more desirable to also have the program re-size the window when a resolution change is requested from the user. The “borderless” feature is “dodgy”, at times. I do not like the “single click” feature for storing an image – double click insures that I do indeed wish to capture an image. And as for storage – I dislike that captures are automatically sent to the user’s “pictures” folder with no user ability to modify this setting. This little discourse of mine is by no means meant to denigrate your efforts – you are a very clever fellow and I admire your efforts in all that’s available to we, your admirers, here on your web site!!!

  17. eduardo says:


  18. N&P says:

    – Full screen is not workin in Windows 7. Task bar is still visible.

    – Esc should exit the full screen mode. Alt + Enter to turn full screen mode on.

    – Single click screen shots are really really annoying.

    – Webcam viewer can be used as a document camera!!! I would be good if you could draw on the picture. Basic feature from Paint are enough. Pen, thickness, color, eraser.

    – Brightness and contrast controll.

    – A way to select default camera and automatically select highest resolution.

    • N&P says:

      Correction: No need to automatically select highest resolution but a way to set default resolution for a device. After opening Webcam viewer it ‘s ready to use.

  19. Roger says:

    Trying out Webcam Viewer Vs.1
    Where does it store captured photos?

  20. unknown says:

    v3.5 not works.
    win7 x64 OEM (capture) device
    v2.2 all fine.

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