Webcam Viewer

Webcam Viewer


Change Log :

150712 Version 3.1 beta 2
– Changed setting to flyout
– Added open folder
– Added borderless mode
– Fixed camera not closed when exit without stop

150625 Version 3.0 beta 1
– Resizable Window
– New Style
– Added keep on top
– Added fullscreen
– Added store and load previous camera and resolution
– Thin border


– Windows 7,8,8.1
– .net 4.5



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Previous Versions

Version 2.2

Version 1.0


91 Responses

  1. quiero usar mi camarita

  2. Samantha Basnayaka says:

    please download

  3. John Smith says:

    How do you resize the window?

  4. Mike Balls says:

    Anyway to make the capture full screen?

  5. Bob Schneider says:

    I would like to download your latest version of Webcam Viewer (v2.1), but I’m unable to find a download link on this page (

    I did find the download link for the original version on this page (

    Please tell me how to download the new version?



  6. Paul Grimmer says:

    The download link is not a link. How can I download your software? Thanks.

  7. Bob Schneider says:

    The change corrected the download problem. I was able to download the file this time.



  8. John says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for taking the time to write and make this useful software available to us!

    I downloaded v1.0 from CNET then saw the ‘bustatech’ link on the capture screen, came here and downloaded v2.1.

    Some feedback:

    Possible bug:
    1. Some resolutions are not showing the correct aspect ratio. For example if I select ‘1280×720’ it appears to be ‘4:3’ and incorrect size rather than 16:9 1280×720. resolution is not the correct aspect ratio. See screenshot here: (

    Feature request:
    2. Please can you save the last setting and attempt to load that on startup? For example I have 3 capture devices it would be great if it would select the last capture device I used and the correct resolution.


  9. John says:

    Hi there,

    FYI: v2.1 is also quite laggy compared to v1.0. When I move my mouse on source device it seems delayed whereas v1.0 is instant.

    Thanks again

    • admin says:

      Hi thanks for the feedback. I think it is due to new metro design of the interface. I will try to improve on that. If it happens to be laggy i will revert back to standard design interface. In the end we require the performance of the software. I think the visual comes later.

  10. dave says:

    thanks for a very useful software – small, simple, just works. Trouble is with all really useful programs, prompts some feature requests:
    * could you retain previous setting for camera and res (perhaps in a sidecar file?)
    * any chance it can be upgraded to include basic video recording, (perhaps with a tight click menu or double click?)
    Realise that changes might make a really useful image capture and test program a bit more complex tghan originally intended. If not, thanks anyway


    • admin says:

      Hi dave, I am working on saving settings in new build. Will be released soon. As for video recording i will keep in my list to include in upcoming version 3 . Thank you for the feedback.

  11. admin says:

    New Version released. Please try out and let me know if there is any bugs. By the way some of the improvement suggestions will be included in next build. Thank you.

  12. Tim says:

    The new versions don’t work for me. I have windows 7. After I select my camera and resolution and press start, an orange message comes up and tells me to select camera and resolution.

    Version 1 works good, however.

    • admin says:

      Hi, sorry for the problem. I am working on the solution. Currently reverting back to normal windows makeup. Removing metro style which make quite a problem. Will upload latest one soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  13. revertex says:

    old version is a way better or something is wrong with the new version.

    New version looks way better, but if I select to capture to a fix location nothing happens.

    No capture, no warning, nada.

  14. ZioMau10 says:

    Very nice tool.
    I come from version 1.0 where double clicking on the screen saves the image, but with this version I get an exception: “Generic Error in GDI+”, and no image is saved.
    I have Windows 7 Home Premium.
    I can send you the full details of the exception if you want.

    Additionally pressing the little folder in the top right, it opens always the standard “Images” folder while I set as a save folder a dedicated folder on my desktop. Is it possible to make it open the same folder where the images are saved to?

    Thanks for any help.

  15. Andy says:

    I have tried to e-mail your support address but I does not send to do you have another e-mail I could send some information to ?

  16. admin says:

    Hi all, i am reverting the design back to windows style. Removing metro design interface which causes problems. Will publish new version soon. Please send me any feedback or error screenshots to I have reactivated the email for support. Stay tuned.
    By the way thanks to all who have feedback to this little utility. I appreciate your feedback.

  17. Mark says:

    Thanks for WebcamViewer, love it and use it 24×7. FWIW, I tried v2., but it uses a lot more (`2x) CPU than v1.0 on Win7 Professional SP1.

  18. billy says:

    Awesome little software, thanks!

  19. Is it possible to get a version that ONLY shows the webcam capture and now window frame around it? Reason I ask is for screen casts that would be awesome. Seems windows has removed the desktop webcam software in windows 8. Either way thanks for an awesome program!

  20. Chhavi says:

    hi! i just used webcam viewer version 1.0. but i cant find the folder where the images have been stored. can some1 help???

  21. JT says:

    I have downloaded the webcamviewer 2.2 but when I tried to run my viruscanner blocked it saying that it is potential harming my computer.!

  22. Milutzu says:

    Hi, regarding Webcam-Viewer v2.2, on my 1920×1200 monitor i got a “Warning – Resolution higher than your screen resolution” when i try to connect a 1.3Mpix camera on 1280×1024. Webcam-viewer v1.0 works fine, no message, the image is good. Thanks for your fine work.

  23. Hi, a very useful program; any chance you can add:-

    A mirror mode
    A view only mode ( i.e. no frame or minimal frame around the image) a bit like picture in picture! on a TV

    Many thanks

  24. Gerald Fieser says:

    It would be convenient if the last used webcam and resolution were automatically populated Webcam Viewer launched.

  25. Steven says:

    Perfect. We are using this as a simple troubleshooting tool and as a simple supplement for a webcam that can transform it into a document camera. It is a good two click solution.

  26. Gerald Fieser says:

    I keep Webcam Viewer in a folder with shortcuts and some other programs which, like Webcam Viewer, do not require installation. It would be better, less confusing, if config.xml was named WebcamViewer.xml. Please!

  27. Alex says:

    The ability to keep the camera window on top is exactly what i needed. Thank you. However would it be possible to have the interface either scale to resolution size or make the interface scaleable to allow it to take up less space on screen. settings could be in a pop out side menu 🙂

  28. swa says:

    360 total security warning malware!

  29. Peter says:

    Perfect Programm for me. My desire for improvement: Zoom feature 🙂

  30. Gonza says:

    Thanks for this little program, it’s very handy.
    In version 2, when you select for example 1280 x 720, aspect ratio should change to 16:9 but it does not.
    Version 1 works perfectly, and I like the interface much more. As others said, it’s much better. Sticking with version 1 for now. Hope we can have the new version soon! 🙂


  31. Pat says:

    Hi, great software. Can you add exposure and manual focus control?

  32. Tony Benev says:


    First, congratulations for the new version of Webcam Viewer.
    I really like this little app and I’m using it regularly.
    The Keep on top option is a great addition that the ver.1.0 was missing. (I have developed my own application that sets Webcam Viewer to stay always on top when started)
    However I have few recommendations:
    1) It will be nice to have the Keep on top option in the main form rather than in the options form.
    2) Your application creates xml file in the application startup path with the settings but this can be nicely achieved with the built in .net settings creating the appropriate settings file in the user profile automatically.

    Best regards,

  33. FRB says:

    I have a brand new Logitech for Business Webcam C930e on Windows 7 64bit.
    When I use Webcam Viewer v. it works fine. If I try to use WV v2 it does not detect my webcam. Can you help? Thank you vlery much for this useful tool.

  34. bilal says:

    slm moi bilal

  35. John Lewis says:

    Using webcam V.1 What file does the ‘capture/double lick’ go to?

  36. Frank says:

    Great app! Can you add this option pls: default webcam starts when i’m running the app.

  37. Pippo says:

    I use the v1.0
    if possible I would like to know the name of the audio file that is played when I make a screenshot, to change it

  38. jay says:

    Hey there! Just wondering if you are still looking to update this amazing program. Hoping that you will be fixing the bug where it does not save to the ‘fixed folder’ location

  39. Yves Bedard says:

    Is it possible do make an auto start on webcam viewer?

  40. Fred says:

    Hello, I really like the new >always on top feature. Allows me to have my face in the corner when I share desktop with a power point presentation in the background. I just wish the window edges could be trimmed to the just the image and that we could resize it to locate it in a corner without the extra margin.

  41. Hi all, the version 2 having quite number of problem. Now building new version totally overhauled version. Coming soon stay tuned. V2 not compatible with all type of computer. Sorry for the delay , working on something else.

  42. Marc says:

    The download dont work.

  43. Kirill says:

    Thank you for your application!
    You’re doing great work!

    Is it possible to built in a fullscreen button (fullsceen without the taskbar)?

  44. Daniel Rentsch says:

    Have Vebcamviewer V3 installed yesterday.
    Many Thanks! But imperfections lLeider two?!.
    1. Exit the program via X CLOSE is not possible video stream persists. Only works with STOP
    2. Snappschot not possible every time the START comes message “Snapshot not availlable in this resolution …”
    … somehow unfinished tested … V1 is still the best …

    • Hi Daniel, Thanks for the feedback.
      1. I have added the function in new upcoming beta release
      2. Snapshot function is only available in some resolution according to the hardware you use. Maybe the next update will only list resolutions which support snapshot in hardware level.

      V3 still in beta1… thanks for the feedback

      • Tim says:

        Why all of the sudden the “hardware level snapshot” feature? My webcam seems to only support that on 640×480, whereas V1 and V2 of WebCamViewer were able to show up to 1600×1200 resolutions of the same webcam (of course, at lower framerates). For me, that completely makes the app useless 🙁 🙁 🙁

  45. Adriano says:

    your software is awesome!!
    I have one request.. can you make the window more resizable ?
    I need it to be more small like 25% of the smallest size you set.
    is that possible ? can you do it ?
    I would be so thankful.

  46. Dodutils says:

    Tested v1 and v3.1 beta, I like this very simple webcam app, two questions :

    – In V1 when I select resolution I see a number afeter, exemple “640*480 30” or “1280*960 9” what are the 30 and 9 ? the max frame rate ? is yes this is usefull but on V3.1 I don’t see it anymore.

    – I don’t see any webcam settings button that permit to display webcam’s driver settings (color/luminosity/saturation….)

    • Hi , it is true that the number represent frame rate.

      Thanks for pointing out. Will include in next build. By the way since it is a simple app we never include additional features. But i will make it to my list for more enhanced version.

      Thanks for suggestion.

      • Dodutils says:

        OK thanks, being able to access settings panel of the camera is for me a “basic” feature for such tool like WebCamViewer as sometimes you cannot use the camera under some circumstances if you do not set/change camera’s parameters like the focus on my LogiTech C520 that sometimes I want to fix manually because it get bumpy in low light conditions.

  47. Greg Wilkinson says:

    Please add the configure button for cameras, I would love to use this with my Axis IP cameras and other network based cams!

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