X-Combat Moment of Glory

X-Combat had won the first place for the MMU RCW 2010! Below are some videos during the competition:

RCW 2010 Friendly Match


RCW 2010 Round Robin 1 (X-Combat vs KG2 UPM)

RCW 2010 Round Robin 2 (R.E.D UM vs X-Combat)

RCW 2010 Round Robin 3 (Mechanical PMM vs X-Combat)


RCW 2010 Knockout Round of 16 (X-Combat vs Inno Squad A UTM)


RCW 2010 Quarter Final (Mechanical PMM vs X-Combat)


RCW 2010 Semi Final (UPM vs X-Combat)


RCW 2010 Final (MMURF MMU vs X-Combat)

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5 Responses

  1. Rambo says:

    Interesting X-Combat!!!!!!

  2. hy says:


  3. raymond says:

    almost all the robot got their own weapon…got spade, got scorpion tail de thing wan cucuk ppl 1, got the sea shell thing wan make ppl flying 1….but x-combat wat also don hav de…XD

  4. Rambo says:

    the most terrify weapon is the speed and the strong body…

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