Google Instant Previews

Recently, Google launch another feature for its search engine, Google Instant Previews, after the famous Google Instant Search. This new feature, Instant Previews, enable instant previews for the Google search result on the search result page. Let try to do some search on the Google homepage, any keyword will do.


For all the search result, you should see a small magnifying glass symbol at the side of each search result, and if you click on the magnifying glass symbol, you are actually activating the Google Instant Previews.


By having the Google Instant Previews activated, you can move your mouse through the search results to have instant previews for all the search result. Click on the magnifying glass again to deactivate the Instant Previews feature.

So, for this new feature, I do try to perform some search on different browser, and not all browser actually support this feature. Internet Explorer 9 and Opera not supporting Instant Previews feature, no magnifying glass on the search result.

Internet Explorer 9:




Other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari (for Windows), and Google Chrome, do not have problem using the Instant Previews feature.

Mozilla Firefox:


Safari (for Windows):


Below are the introduction video for Google Instant Previews:

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